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Flood and Water Bank Protection

Flood Protection
Flood Protection Wall Flood protection dam beams are manuafactured from high quality recycled polyolefins, reinforced by integrally cast steel profiles. Stainless steel anchor plates are solidly fitted into foundations and steel supports are screwed into the plates to form a stable frame for the beams. The dam beams are pressed together with ratchet straps. The lower beam is equipped with a special EPDM ground seal and is tailored at the plant to local conditions. A damming height of 2.20 M is possible without further bracing of the posts.
Water Bank Protection
Water bank protection

Bank reinforcements to prevent erosion are constructed using foundation piles that are driven into the ground at the required intervals. The piles can be additionally strengthened by cast in steel profiles. The tongue and groove boards also made from recycled polyolefins are inserted between the foundation piles and fastened with stainless steel screws. A sturdy ledge can be attached to the upper edge of the bank reinforcement giving additional extra stability.

The system benefits from it's UV resistance and decay resistance.