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Plastic Grass Grids, Turf Protection Mesh and Grass Protection Lattice

Grass protection and turf reinforcement products are used to increase the support and stabilisation of lawned areas supporting applications such as: overflow car parks, driveways, grassed pedestrian paths, wheelchair access routes, golf buggy routes, and emergency access routes.

We offer a range of plastic Turf Protection Mesh, Grass Protection and Grass Reinforcement which can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Essential requirements for Good Results:

  • Good Drainage
  • Careful Preparation
  • Ensure surface is level & Firm
  • Remove all debris, stones or rocks
  • Use good top soil

DYNAR Pave Permeable Paving Solution
DYNAR Pave Permeable Paving Solution

DYNAR-Pave is a recycled plastic, sustainable drainage system (SUDS) compliant, permeable paving solution. The paving is ideal as a ground reinforcement system for grass or for holding gravel in place and reduces the risk of potholes and rutting.

Areas subject to pedestrian, vehicular traffic or animal movements are all subject to some degree of erosion resulting in potential damage to the area. DYNAR-Pave is designed to offer these areas surface re-enforcement whilst maintaining the ability for the area to drain freely.

Commercial applications include:
Car parks, Temporary or permanent roadways, Caravan sites, Golf walkways, Bases for temporary buildings and Back-fill with gravel or grass.

Residential applications include:
Driveways, Caravan parking, Quick-fit shed bases, Garden paths, Back-fill with gravel or grass

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Dynawest Turf Protection Mesh STANDARD & HEAVY
Turf protection mesh Turf Protection Mesh is a strong extruded HDPE plastic mesh for the protection and reinforcement of grassed areas. There are two grades of turf protection mesh; Standard and Heavy.

Applications include:
Over flow Car Parks, Pedestrian grassed areas & footpaths, and Small aircraft taxiways.

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Dynawest Grass Protection Lattice STANDARD & HEAVY
Grass protection lattice Grass Protection Lattice is a Heavy Duty thick thermoplastic grid and offers perfect ground reinforcement for grassed areas . There are two grades of Grass Protection Lattice.

Standard grade Applications include:
Grassed overflow car parks, Wheelchair access routes, & Heavy pedestrianised grassed paths.
Heavy grade Applications include:
Grassed car parks, Grass Roads, Emergency grass access routes, Grass Runways, Light Aircraft taxiways, Caravan & holiday park access, Equestrian Surfaces, & Grassed verges.

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Grass protection lattice Slip Resistant

Grass Protection Lattice with Slip Resistant
NEW! Always the best from Dynawest

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Grass Securing Honeycomb
Grass Securing Honeycomb A Grass Paving system designed for car parks, overflow car parks, hard standings, access roads, access tracks, golf buggy tracks & golf courses, caravan hard standing pitches & parking, caravan access roads, fire access ways, helicopter landing pads, glider and light aircraft ways, pedestrian walkways, emergency access roads, crematoriums, school car parks and other areas requiring grass reinforcing.

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Ground Stabilisation Mesh
Ground Stabilisation Mesh High strength extruded HDPE mesh ideal for ground stabilisation. The mesh should be laid over unstable land and covered with a layer of well-graded, rough stone (Type 1 Road stone - approx. 250mm min.) to form a rigid interlock, restraining lateral movement of the stone and producing a stable surface.
Helps prevent impassable deep mudded areas made by vehicles on soil/grass tracks and farm gateways. It can be used in the construction of small roads to prevent surface deformation caused by penetration of the granular sub-base into the soft sub-grade.
  • Road embankments & slopes Farm gateways
  • Grass & soil tracks
  • Grassed/soil areas being used by heavy farm machinery

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