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Grit & Salt Bins

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We supply a range of salt / grit bins suitable for a wide range of applications. The bins have the ability to be locked, and come in a high visibility yellow embossed with the word "grit". Embossing with local authority or other details are available. Essential equipment in inclement weather, Dynawest grit bins are highly visible, very durable and completely rot proof.

Grit and Salt Bin features

a single grit bin The grit/salt bins are moulded in tough polyethylene with a fully integrated hinge and have drainage holes in the base. The material makes them extremely resilient and rot proof. The bins come embossed with "GRIT" and further required markings are an option. The standard colour of the bins is yellow, which makes them highly visible . Other colours are available on request. A hasp and staple can be fitted at an additional cost to make the grit bins lockable.

Grit & Salt Bin Sizes

grit bins of different sizes

Please note that the 7cuft and 14cuft bins are stackable which allows for cost effective storage and transportation.

6cuft 169 litres 71cm 66cm 66cm
7cuft 198 litres 70cm 60cm 88cm
12cuft 338 litres 76cm 71cm 81cm
14cuft 396 litres 85cm 72cm 110cm