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Grass Securing Honeycomb - Natural Reinforcement of Areas in Routine Use

A Grass Paving system designed for car parks, overflow car parks, hard standings, access roads, access tracks, golf buggy tracks & golf courses, caravan hard standing pitches & parking, caravan access roads, fire access ways, helicopter landing pads, glider and light aircraft ways, pedestrian walkways, emergency access roads, crematoriums, school car parks and other areas requiring grass reinforcing.

An optimum synthesis of ecology and technology

Grass securing honeycomb is ideal for reinforcing all kinds of service areas. The honeycomb has heavy load bearing capability grass reinforcement and retains the appearance and water permeability of natural grass covered ground including:

  • Driveways & DIN14090/DIN1072 fire lanes
  • Low traffic car parks
  • Parking for caravans, boat trailers, light aircraft etc
  • Helicopter landing zones
  • Golf cart driveways
  • Graveyards
  • Slopes and river bank reinforcement/stabilization

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Nature-friendly soil anchorage - seals, greens, can be driven over.

  • Optimum stability thanks to honeycomb structure
  • User-friendly size for installation approx. 50 x 39 cm /45 mm height
  • Anti-slip texture
  • Openings between cells encourage root formation across cells,nutrient sharing and surface drainage
  • Specially moulded studs for firm ground grip
  • Cells open at the edge to prevent displacement caused by variations in temperature
  • Approx 90 % turf

Honeycomb Grass Protection   Honeycomb Grass Protection

The grass securing honey comb and its many uses:

  • Areas requiring a reinforcement system which fits in with the natural surroundings, sufficient load carrying capacity and high dissipation capability
  • Cars parks which are used infrequently, ex: office car parks, private residential car parks, housing estates...
    Areas used for temporary storage of heavy machinery, equipment, etc.
    Fire service access roads conforming to DIN 14090/1 072 (min. 1,000 kN/m2)
  • Service roads, golf buggy routes
  • Parking areas for boat trailers, caravans, two-seater aircraft
  • Helicopter pads
  • Reinforcement on slopes and embankments
  • Diffusion strips along runways and landing strips

Special applications
Separation layer for beach volleyball areas
Separation layer for sand-boxes


  • Cost-favourable transportation due to low palette weight
  • Easy cutting, saving time and costs, using standard tools (saws, grinder, compass saw, ribbon saw or skiving device)
  • No use of machines when laying due to the light weight of the panels
  • Simple filling on account of narrow interval webbing
  • Immediately able to take loads once laid
  • Immediate greening using rolled turf possible
  • Simple marking of areas in use with marker plugs

Ecological aspects

  • Lawn component approx. 90%
  • Prevents sealing of the soil, since a large proportion of the surface remains capable of percolation.
  • Protects the substrate against compaction.
  • The material is environmentally neutral
  • Once the surface has been greened, it is practically invisible
  • Manufactured from recycled material
  • The honeycomb panels can be recycled again
  • Cut-aways in the cells facilitate root formation between cells, thus optimising nutrient exchange and surface drainage.

Private driveway, space to park a caravan: this driveway can be used whatever the weather without ruining the grass and leaving tyre marks. A fire service access road of this design reduces the outside temperature in the immediate vicinity of the building. The option of “green areas fit for traffic” gives the planners greater scope for design.
Filled with chippings (grain size 2/8mm, 5/11 mm), the area is easily maintained and provides a firm surface for pub tab¬les and chairs. In this garden art project, "Ernst Cramer Pyramid installation", carried out by the University of Hanover the turf honey¬comb units were used to reinforce the slope and prevent vandalism. These golf buggy routes are entirely fit for driving on even shortly after it has rained.