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Turf Protection Mesh

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Turf Reinforcement Mesh - Further Details

Manufactured from strong extruded high density polyethylene (HDPE), turf reinforcement mesh provides excellent fixed grass and turf stabilisation. After the mesh has been carefully installed, the grass will grow through the apertures in the mesh and the grasss can then me rolled, fertilised and cut (though initially with blades set fairly high). Normally after one growing season, the grass will be fully established and the mesh no longer visible, leaving the appearance of a normal lawned area. To allow for strong interlocking to have occurred by the natural process of the grass roots weaving around the mesh, it is strongly recommended that the mesh is installed during the growing season.

The stabilisation is achieved by the intertwining of the grass roots with the mesh. Turf reinforcement mesh is supplied in rolls 2m wide by 30m long and their is a choice of two grades Heavy or Standard. After successful installation and established grass regrowth has taken place the Heavy mesh stabilisation has the strength to resist light traffic applications and is suitable for access routes, temporary car parks and light aircraft taxiways). An area stabilised with Standard mesh is suitable for footpaths and wheelchair access.

Grass protection mesh and honeycomb gridding offer further load resistance options.

Turf Protection Mesh Options

The table below shows the four different Turf Protection options:

Size Grade Colour Mesh Aperture Weight Material Part No.
2m x 30m Standard Black 25 mm x 29 mm 550g/m² HDPE 009862
2m x 30m Standard Green 25 mm x 29 mm 550g/m² HDPE 049202
2m x 30m Heavy Black 22 mm x 27 mm 660g/m² HDPE 048175
2m x 30m Heavy Green 22 mm x 27 mm 660g/m² HDPE 049967

Contact us on tel: 01473 230248 for further technical specifications.

Turf Protection Mesh - securing U pins

To secure the turf reinforcement mesh to the ground steel U pins (Part No. 041824) are supplied 50 in a bag at additional cost. They are manufactured from steel and their size is 150 mm x 50 mm by 8 mm diameter.